Promote, Connect, Enrich

05 April 2016

Promote, Connect, Enrich

David MerhibThe Chamber’s mission is to promote, connect, enrich and advocate for the Brookings area business community. Our mission is met through a number of programs, events, collaborations and opportunities. Making the connection between our communities and our mission has been at the forefront of the Chamber’s goals and key objectives. Meeting our mission is not only the job of the Chamber staff and the 16 member Board of Directors, it is also the duty of our volunteers that contribute their time, talent and energy to move forward - one of the Chamber’s strengths – our committees.

The Chamber has eight standing committees that consist of more than 100 volunteers. These committees are Ambassadors, Connect 2140, Military Affairs, Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL), Ag Relations, Government Affairs, Business Development and Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). All standing committees, with the exception of the CVB which includes a full-time staff of three, are volunteer run. These committees meet on a regular basis, at least once a month as well as plan events, travel to site-visits, create strategic plans that include yearly goals both programmatic and financial and prepare recommendations for the Chamber Board of Directors.

Our Committees are constantly raising the bar through ideas, programming and action that meets the needs of our business community. We at the Brookings Chamber are grateful for the contributions from our volunteers. Through their dedication, support and strong belief in the Brookings area business community they make a difference that impacts us all.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Chamber staff, we want to thank our past and current volunteers for making a difference to our community.