Building Rome

01 February 2016

Building Rome

     David MerhibThe Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce has been doing business for more than 76 years and has shaped a strong business climate. Building upon its successes from the past and building new opportunities that exemplify the reason businesses succeed in our region has fostered growth and potential for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike. Think about what has been built in the past few years within the business community in the Brookings area. Much like Rome, businesses aren’t built in a day. These business success stories come from hard work, strong business plans and willingness to take ideas into action.

     Along with a strong sense of belief that businesses can succeed comes a strong vision on what businesses want to be and how they will interact within the surrounding business climate. Creating a vision for business within a community is key to success. It takes time to build a culture of the right business mix and through collaborations within the business community as well as a strong vision, a sustainable business culture can be created for the future.

     Planning for the future through a strong vision has been part of community success stories throughout history. When building our “Rome” remember to support your community through purposeful purchases and keep asking – how do we continue to stay great?

- David Merhib, Executive Director