Employee Wellness - The Profile Way

25 May 2018

Employee Wellness - The Profile Way

By: Sanford Profile

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month and we here at Profile are excited to celebrate its awareness.  Research shows that among employers offering additional health and wellness efforts, over 50% have noticed a decrease in absenteeism.  Over 60% have reported increases in productivity and employee satisfaction.  Long story short, healthier employees are happier and more productive.

At Profile, we recognize the importance of worksite wellness and the potential it has to impact employees and moral on a daily basis.  We work with nearly 2,000 employers nationwide to help improve overall wellness in the workplace and community.  We know that employee wellness programs must be approached with a positive and proactive attitude in order to gain momentum and successfully create an involved work force.  Not only do we know how beneficial wellness in the workplace can be in accordance to productivity and healthcare costs BUT surveys also show that employees want options when it comes to their wellness benefits. Three out of four employees say they are interested in wellness programs and 60% of employees credit wellness opportunities in the workplace to improved health.

Our Profile employees not only recognize but practice worksite wellness on a daily basis.  We take employee wellness very seriously as our coaches strive to lead by example and live as healthy of lifestyles as possible.  From a corporate standpoint, employee health and wellness benefits include a variety of opportunities including gym reimbursements, race registration reimbursements, and a discount on Profile foods.  On a local level we have fun experimenting with different workouts and recipes including group workouts and cookouts.  Your typical work Christmas party might look a lot like an evening full of drinks and appetizers, a Profile Christmas party looks a lot like a trip to the local gym for a group workout and healthy grub to follow.

Now let’s talk employee wellness for you employees- the Profile way.  Profile provides nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching to help members reach their weight loss goals.  Profile partners with local companies to offer discounts on memberships and various avenues of education.  We work closely with our partners to offer additional wellness benefits for their employees in order to proactively tackle health and wellness in the workplace.  Whether its quarterly on-site educational opprtunities, worksite wellness challenges, or monthly health and wellness newsletters, Profile works on individualizing our benefits to the needs of your workplace and employees.  The best part- it comes at no cost to all businesses- no matter the size!  Remember—healthier employees are happier AND more productive employees! 

Author:  Mhesi Haugen

Title:  Employee Wellness- The Profile Way

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