Laws of Motion… Not Just for Physics Class

01 June 2018

Laws of Motion… Not Just for Physics Class

-Newtons 1st Law of Motion

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…”

This is a great motto to consider when thinking about wellness vs sedentary work environments.  At HealthSource we start every shift at work with our stretching/warm up routine.  We implemented this about eight years ago and its something we have come to rely on to get us ready for the day.  During the pre-shift warm-up we focus on a head/neck to ankle routine.  We combine static and dynamic movements as far as stretches.  We also bring in mild/moderate exercises; they range from jumping jacks and air squats all the way to burpees and squat jumps.  Our huddles typically last the duration of an upbeat song as to not require too much time.  If the huddles begin to get monotonous we spice it up by tossing a Frisbee around and if you drop it or make a bad throw you have to do five high knees or a burpee.  Our main focus is to bring energy and fun to keeping our team members active/mobile and in motion.  We feel setting the tone for the day and shift is vital hence why we do it right away.

-Newtons 2nd Law of Motion

Pushing or pulling an object produces acceleration, a change in the speed of motion.”

When you “push” a coworker (challenge them) the fun begins.  Our “workplace workouts” are designed so they can be performed at your workstations.  We look at your typical workday and make recommendations on how to implement the program.  An example of what has worked well in the past is each hour on the hour you do one of various exercises; such as lunges, air squats, desk pushups, or seated leg lifts.  You challenge your co-workers, keep track of your reps and completions, then work to encourage each other to stay on target.  Don't worry; exercises can be tailored to a person’s specific skill set or level.

-Newtons 3rd Law of Motion:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.”

In short if we take the correct actions we will get good reactions.  If you want help figuring out how to or where to start let us help.  Our mission is to increase the health and wellness of our community one spine and mind at a time.

~Dr. Justin McKillip, owner

HealthSource Chiropractic