Non-Profit Nook: United Way Works

23 May 2018

Non-Profit Nook: United Way Works

United Way Works

Heidi Gullickson, Executive Director, United Way

Each of the 1800 local United Way’s across the US can focus on their community to meet the needs, but as a network we all remain committed to advancing the common good by creating opportunities for all.  We focus on education, income and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life and a strong community.

In Brookings County there are 56 programs that are supported by donations through the United Way. These can be found at  Many of these programs provide services in physical, mental and emotional health areas.

Programs that impact physical health that the Brookings Area United Way fund and coordinate include Delta Dental Mobile Program and Familywize Prescription Discount Card. 

Delta Dental is available to anyone in the Brookings County that doesn’t have access to a local dentist.  There are many barriers to receiving dental care and this program is designed for no cost to the participant.  Insurance, Medicaid and IHS insurance will be billed if it is available.  Because of the generosity of Brookings County residents, we are able to offer the van for 4 weeks through out the year.  In 2017 there were 148 children that received nearly $90,000.  Oral health impacts multiple areas of health and is important for proper growth in children.  Appointments can be made by dialing 211. The dental van will be in Brookings the week of June 11 – 15.  The van does fill up and we encourage residents to call to reserve a spot today.

Familywize Prescription Discount card is an option to help ensure that everyone can afford their medical prescriptions.  Too often, individuals are faced with the choice of filling their prescriptions or being able to afford other necessities of life including food and shelter expenses. You can access a card by downloading the Familywize app which allows you to check prescription prices at local pharmacy’s.  There is no cost for this service as it is not an insurance product.  

Thank you to our donors, who help to keep these, as well as so many other programs, going in our county to increase the health factors for a quality of life that we can all enjoy.