SDSU Continuing and Distance Education: Various Learning Opportunities

12 October 2017

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education: Various Learning Opportunities

Learning for a Lifetime

By:  Carey Kilmer, Assistant Director, Continuing & Distance Education, SDSU

When we think about learning, we think of our young children heading off for their first day of kindergarten or moving our young adults into their residence halls ready to embark on higher education.  However, learning does not (and should not) end once the tassel moves from the right to left.  As we move through life, just as we exercise and eat healthy to maintain our physical well-being, we must also continue to exercise our brain with various learning activities.  One might find themselves attending a workshop hosted by their employer, painting for the first time at the local community center, researching the history of South Dakota with their daughter, joining a book club, or interacting with friends on the back patio.  Learning comes in all shapes and sizes and can take place in a formal or informal setting. 

The Office of Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) at South Dakota State University (SDSU) offers individuals a variety of opportunities to exercise one’s brain.  CDE partners with the academic colleges on campus to offer fully online courses and degree programs, these range from short certificate programs to master’s degrees.  These formal educational programs not only stimulate your brain with new information and ideas, but can also help you advance in your career or pursue a career in a completely different field.  Students enrolled in fully online courses or programs through SDSU have the opportunity to learn from and interact with highly qualified instructors and fellow students from across the region, nation and world.  If you are looking to complete a higher education degree, SDSU may have the perfect solution with flexible, quality online learning opportunities. 

Continuing and Distance Education also offers a variety of less formal, non-credit learning opportunities for you to build your mind muscle.  CDE collaborates with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at University Center in Sioux Falls to provide people age 50 or older the opportunity to participate in intellectually engaging and enriching lifelong learning and personal growth courses, workshops and seminars in the university setting.  OLLI offers a rich variety of learning opportunities throughout the year.  CDE can also partner with businesses and employers to offer customized professional development opportunities for its employees.

Satisfy your curiosity and your desire to learn; check out the various learning opportunities through Continuing and Distance Education at  We are a source to help you achieve intellectual wellness.